What Alia Bhatt did with her dad Mahesh Bhatt for money

What Alia Bhatt did with her dad Mahesh Bhatt for money

Entertainment Office: Glamor and controversy are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes various debates about the relationships in Ballytown come to the fore. Particularly famous director Mahesh Bhatt has found himself stuck in the alley of such controversy on several occasions. Although many of his films were super hits, he was involved in many controversies in his personal life. One of the controversies involved kissing his daughter and expressing his desire to marry her on camera. Mahesh Bhatt is again the victim of a new controversy for another girl Alia Bhatt.
Alia Bhat
Mahesh Bhatt and Alia are the only conversation on the internet until recently. In fact, recently, a piece of news emerged that surprised netizens. In fact, fans care about their favorite stars’ careers as well as their personal lives. So now Alia Mahesh Bhatt is a father-daughter duo in the practice line of the internet world. We know that out of need for money, Alia Bhatt did something with her father Mahesh Bhatt that will really surprise you.

Recently, a report came out that Alia Bhatt was ready to do anything with father Mahesh Bhatt for money. Even if it seems surprising, it is true. Mahesh Bhatt himself said in an interview that everything he does with his daughter is out of greed for money. In fact, Alia Bhatt once squeezed and massaged father Mahesh Bhatt’s hands and feet for just 500 rupees. In these terms, he said in the interview that Alia Bhatt was ready to do anything for her father in exchange for money. And this word has gone viral on social networks.

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