What Bubli said in response to Apu Biswas push

What Bubli said in response to Apu Biswas push

The former and current wife of Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan seems to be battling it out on social media. It’s like a battle of two satins. Bubli responded to Apu Biswas by hitting Bubli anonymously on Facebook.

This post-war period started from the post of Apu Biswas. Shakib Khan gave his wife Bubli a diamond nose ring. Bubli shared it on his Facebook. Many media also published news about it.

And Apu Biswas, another wife of Shakib Khan shared a link of this news on her verified Facebook. Where he writes in the caption – “What a pleasure.” Earlier added 10 smiling emojis. Since then the problem started.

Apu Biswas gave no details about sharing the news link. However, her supporters made various comments pointing to actress Bubli. And the message that Apu gave referring to Bubli is also conceivable.

The queen of Dhallywood found Shakib Khan’s diamond brass knuckles Bubli hilarious, as evidenced by Apu Biswas’ post.

Meanwhile, Bubli made no concessions after Apu Biswas’ post. He also gave contraindication status. Where Apu took a hand without mentioning Biswas name.

He wrote in a status on his personal Facebook profile on Wednesday – “Someone suddenly said ‘Hey that girl keeping the news with your picture on her own Facebook wall, it’s your pleasure. It means you are the only one in his dreams, ha ha ha.

And Apu Biswas didn’t stop after sharing this post. Again, he counterattacked. Now Apu has posted again on his Facebook. But didn’t mention Bubli’s name. He wrote, educated people are bullies on the wall. betty betty betty

This time, Bubli taught Apu Biswas the meaning of the word “Betty”. Although in this post, Bubli did not speak directly to Apu Biswas about it. However, the Facebook post of the two proves that it is written about Apu.

Bubli now shared the position of a reporter named Tushar and wrote – “Thik Dada, Jaar Jee Chinta”. After that he gave three ha ha ha emojis.

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