What Delta’s Director of Customer Experience Always Packs on Business Trips


What Delta’s Director of Customer Experience Always Packs on Business Trips

Alison Osband began her career with Delta Air Lines in 1985 as a flight attendant. Over the past 37 years, he has steadily risen through the ranks during his career in Atlanta, leading more than 20,000 Delta flight attendants as senior vice president of inflight services as well as vice president of reservations sales. and customer service, where it held 10 engagements in four countries. The center was responsible for communicating with more than 37 million customers.

Today, Ausband serves as executive vice president and director of customer experience for Delta. Needless to say, he is one of the most experienced executives in the travel industry and an expert in preparing business trips.

Osband recently shared more with Fortune about the things she never leaves home without.

Reliable technology

I started my career as a flight attendant at Delta and picked up some hard-to-break packing habits. One lesson that stuck with me all this time is reliability – even though I’m not a deep sleeper, I never wanted to be late for a trip as a flight attendant. My hotel room alarm clock and an additional alarm clock were mandatory for me as a backup for a wake-up call. Obviously, technology has come a long way since then, so I’ve gone from having a physical alarm clock to making sure I have a power cord. Now I organize all my chargers and adapters in our Summon Somewhere amenity kit; I have one in each bag. And I never leave home without my iPad.

Minimal packaging style

I’m a minimalist when it comes to most of my travels; This is another habit that stuck with me from my flight attendant days. I usually fly for business so I only pack what I need – everything I fly is gone in the evening. No need for extra weight in the suitcase. And hey, less weight means more fuel savings on the plane. A set of packing cubes is always handy, so I can separate what I need and see clearly in my suitcase.

Transition power suit and sneakers

I truly believe that a good pantsuit can double as armor, and it’s one of my favorite pieces to wear. But the point here is that it is transitory. I always pack a suit that can be worn with the shoes I leave the house in. Sneakers are my new best friend with suits. I definitely take my steps on my visits to the airport, and these platform sneakers are usually where you’ll find me. They’re functional and comfortable, and they wear the suit well enough that I can wear them in front of clients and customers. colleagues during the day, then dinner in the evening.

Breathable workout clothes

I’m sure other road warriors can relate to the difficulty of finding time to fit into a workout. I know my own Apple Watch constantly reminds me to turn off those pesky rings! So now Lululemon running leggings are a must have when packing for any trip, business or pleasure. That’s the only thing I don’t care about. Comfortable clothes that make me feel good make it easier to complete the workout. And luckily, when I can’t work out on the ground, I can still stretch on board with one of our Peloton classes at Delta Studios.

Airplane-Friendly Skincare

Frequent flyers know that hydration is key at 30,000 feet, so another must for me is airplane-friendly skincare. We recently integrated own beauty brand Grown Alchemist. They help stock our Delta One amenity kits with 100% natural, cruelty-free, plant-based skin and body care products. I became addicted to their Vanilla Watermelon Lip Balm to keep my lips hydrated throughout the trip – it has a permanent place in my carry-on.

This is an episode of Baggage Claim, a series featuring famous personalities from various walks of life and industries, who reveal what they always pack when they travel, whether for business or pleasure.

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