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What did Bubli write with her son’s photo on Facebook?


What did Bubli write with her son’s photo on Facebook?

Shakib Khan and Bubli are the much talked about duo of Dhakai cinema. Secretly married and gave birth to a beautiful son. His name is Shehzad Khan Bir. He is now two and a half years old. Talk about star kid. Shakib-Bubli fans have no shortage of interest in him. As soon as Veer’s photo was posted on social media, it went viral.

On Tuesday night, Bubli posted three new photos of Veer to their page. There, we can see that Shehzad is lying on a big chair with big hair. As soon as these photos of Shehzad came out, Shakib fans grabbed them. Also seen posting in various groups.

At the same time, many commented on Shehzad. One wrote, little Shehzad is a superstar like his dad! Many still wrote, sweet, cute, Masha Allah.

Some wrote in the comments, Shehzad is a carbon copy of his father Shakib. In hundreds of comments, netizens prayed for Shehzad and wished him a bright future.

Earlier, Bubli posted two photos of Veer on Sunday afternoon. As always, the little prince is seen in a very stylish look. He wears Punjabi pajamas, watch in hand, sweet smile on his face, which touched fans’ hearts. Fans showered her with love in the comments section.

In the caption of the post, Veer’s mother wrote, and Babajan sent Salaam (Assalamu Alaikum) to everyone.

It should be noted that the news of Shehzad Khan, the child of Shakib Khan and Bubli, was revealed last September. On September 30, Shakib Khan posted a photo with his son Shehzad on his verified Facebook page and wrote, “We wanted to bring our child in front of everyone on an auspicious day. But what God does is for good. The good news did not wait long.

According to Bubli, Shahzad was born on March 21, 2020 in the United States. She got married to Shakib Khan on July 20, 2018. They became parents to a child on March 21, 2020. Their child’s name is Shehzad Khan Bir.

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