What did Suchitra Sen say to Uttam Kumar, ‘Rama if I was married to you’?


What did Suchitra Sen say to Uttam Kumar, ‘Rama if I was married to you’?

bangladeshi the pulpit: Bengali is a lover of romanticism despite his crossing of the ages. And if you are looking for the most romantic couple in Bengali movies, the names of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen will come up first. No matter how modern Bengali has become, listening to songs like “Ei Patha Je Na Na Nai” or “Tumi Na Haye Rahite Kone” still evokes memories.

Even though there are many new ‘heroes’ and ‘heroines’, these two titles are only reserved for Uttam Suchitra for Bengali moviegoers. They were the two masters of the golden age of Bengali cinema. Uttam Suchitra acted together for almost 22 years. The couple appeared in more than 30 films together.

Apart from on-screen chemistry, Uttam Suchitra’s personal life chemistry is also practiced in the same way. Even after all these years, people are curious about the relationship between the two behind the scenes. But they were very good friends before any other type of relationship. Uttam Kumar was ‘Utu’ for Suchitra and ‘Rama’ for Mahanayaka.

In deep friendship, the laughs and jokes will continue. Such was the relationship of Uttam Suchitra. We hear that Uttam Kumar once proposed marriage to Suchitra! He said this at Mahanayika’s house. “Rama, if I were to marry you?” Suchitra Sen answered Uttam Kumar’s question, “That marriage wouldn’t have lasted even a day.” Because your personality and mine are very different. There would be conflict. You want your success, I want mine. If those two got married, it would have broken up very badly.”

Again, the argument between the two seemed no less. Filming was also reportedly stopped when the two Maan Abhimans fled. It is said that due to the dispute between Uttam Suchitra, the filming of ‘Saptapadi’ was stalled for a long time.

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