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What is Shakib’s secret? – Dainik Amader Shomoy

What is Shakib’s secret? – Dainik Amader Shomoy

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Fans and viewers around the world are interested in star performers in the showbiz arena. From Hollywood to industry nationwide, it’s quite noticeable. When, where do heroes and heroines do? How are they in personal life? These discussions are not only in showbiz but also in teahouses. Movie stars Shakib Khan-Bubli and their children were at the center of discussions among the people of the country for two days.

In this, various incidents have occurred in the country and abroad. The hiding of Maryam Mannan’s mother, the capsizing of the boat in the Karatoya River of Panchagarh and the declaration of four regions of Ukraine as part of Russia – the news was overshadowed by Shakib and Bubli. For example, the events of Shakib Khan’s marriage and fatherhood have long been suppressed.

Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas got married on April 18, 2008. And their child Abram Khan Joy was born on September 27, 2016 in a hospital in India. However, the affair broke out in 2017. After 9 years, the people of the country learned about their marriage and children. The same thing happened with Shakib-Bubli. But the time that passed was not too long. Although the news of Shakib-Bubli’s marriage has not been made public, it is known that they are married. And Bubli became the mother of a boy on March 21, 2020. Shakib’s son, Shehzad Khan Bir, was born at Long Island Jewish Medical Hospital in New York. But Shakib also hid it for more than two and a half years. Why is this hiding and what is the secret of Shakib’s secret?

No comments from Shakib and Apu-Bubli were available. However, people connected to the movie have spoken out about the matter. All said that the matter of keeping the secret is personal. However, it also has an impact on other showbiz artists. Not only that, negative ideas are also created among ordinary people. A lot of people in the movie think it’s all suppressed by fear of honor Shakib. Some have expressed anger that Shakib is keeping such a secret.

Guni, who does not wish to be named, is a producer Every day our time is onlineK said, “A country superstar is an idol of ordinary people and fans. Many follow him. But if the condition of this idol is like that, then…. There are a lot of film reviews about them. Even because of these incidents, he himself has to be interrogated by his family. And I’m involved in this industry – I’m ashamed to say. I think everyone should remember that.

He also said: “There has been no less talk and criticism in the country over the current Shakib Khan incident. Due to these discussions, it is not possible to enter the FDC for several days. The activities you (Shakib-Apu-Bubli) do will not affect boys and girls! When the child grows up, will he not know his parents’ past and these events. So I ask everyone – please keep this in mind. This industry is yours, mine, ours. You will light up his face. Please don’t tarnish this industry.

Another talented producer expressed his anger and said, “What does he (Shakib Khan) have? New heroines will come and with it…. Later, the tears, marriage and children of the heroine will be revealed. Meanwhile, many people in the industry will not want to work with this heroine. What is it… If you delete everything for fear of dignity, you don’t remember it before. If you remember, don’t do it again. I think it should be prescribed. This industry is not the father of anyone alone, it will do what it wants. Many heroes and heroines were there before him. Everyone worked with reputation.

A production manager commented, “Artists in our country think that ordinary people’s interest in him wanes when his married life comes to the fore. And his work is also decreasing in industry. For these reasons, they do not want to make their marriage, children and personal life public. But there is no such precedent in any other country in the world. We have to get out of this mentality. And artists always have a lot to do. Many things have to be sacrificed. Because the artists are followed by many people from here and elsewhere.

Now is the time to see when this game of hide-and-seek between artists will end. And when will Shakib reveal his secret?

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