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What is the reason for the movie star crisis in Hollywood?

What is the reason for the movie star crisis in Hollywood?

Actors and actresses who are well known to the public, who usually play the main or main role in a movie, are called movie stars. The names of these stars or stars are used in movie advertisements, posters, trailers. Their popularity with the public helps sell movie tickets.

    movie star crisis

Currently, Hollywood is going through another change. Blockbuster or mid-budget films directed by New Hollywood movie stars are no more. There was a time when the mere mention of a Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt movie was enough to draw audiences to the theater.

What do we see in 2022? Brad Pitt’s $90 Million “Bullet Train” Tenetun managed to collect $239 million at the box office. His other $80 million-budget film “Babylon” flopped at the box office, earning just $5 million on opening weekend.

Of the myriad movie stars, only two have managed to reliably attract audiences to cinemas so far – Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio. Why and how did the Hollywood movie star system get into this predicament?

Marvel, DC’s commercially successful films are due to the superheroes on the blockbuster posters, not the stars playing the superheroes. This theory is easily verified. Captain America, Thor and Iron Man – these three trilogies combined have grossed over $7 billion at the box office.

But none of Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, or Robert Downey Jr. has a hit movie outside of Marvel. So who is the real star here? Chris Hemsworth or Thor?

Another important factor is the movie star crisis. The difference between movie star and actor is skyrocketing day by day. Potential and talented actors have to choose between prestige dramas or big budget blockbusters.

You can’t become a movie star by making prestige drama films, and blockbusters don’t have any industrial flair. That’s a big reason why good quality actors don’t make great movie stars these days. However, there is some hope for 2021DunesFor movies like

In these high-profile blockbusters, actors can use their craft as they become famous. A director like Denis Villeneuve could perhaps resurrect a movie star like Timothy Shalum.

Hollywood should consciously place more mid-budget films with blockbusters in this genre. Only then will the new style of movie stars be in vogue in future generations.

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