What Kajal-Kanya did with a group of boys on the eve of Diwali


What Kajal-Kanya did with a group of boys on the eve of Diwali

Entertainment desk: Just party and party! Naisa was seen having dinner with a group of male friends. He’s like that. Rumors don’t give a damn!

The children of stars are already living royal lives. But some are more “difficult”. Naisa Devgan was spotted heading to a party with a group of male friends around Sunday evening. Her dazzling smile caught the attention of thousands of fans. Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s daughter likes Jamiye Party, Khanpina. Which now puts him in the festival mood! But critics have begun to rumble on Nysa’s “male-dominated” nature.

Speaking again, why is he seen with the boys? Why do you drink so much? Nysa once said, “Boy or girl, friends are everything. Everything around them becomes easier when they’re around. Naysa’s nature is also open. More attention is paid to her lifestyle than to his looks. He leaves no pleasure unclaimed. Kajal-Kanya doesn’t think women should be bound by rules in their lifestyle or movements.

He says he’s more with the boys. Everyone knows about Naisa’s special friendship with Orhan Avartmani. Janhvi Kapoor’s boyfriend Orhan can be heard whispering. He’s one of the most talked about youngsters in tinsel town right now. However, Naysa is loved by the star children. There is a certain magic in his personality, many feel it.

Janhvi is now spending the night with not 1 but 2 boys

Will Naisa soon follow in her parents’ footsteps in Bollywood? There is a lot of talk about him in the air. Nothing is known with certainty. On the other hand, Naisa’s dad Ajay is getting ready for the release of “Thank God”. The film is released on October 25.

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