What Mehzabeen said about quitting drama

What Mehzabeen said about quitting drama

Mehzabeen Chowdhury is the popular face of drama right now. She is called the drama queen. Mehzabeen’s play creates a different dimension in festivals. Give special pleasure to the audience.

Those familiar with the drama have recently taken to the web. Mehjabeen Chowdhury also wrote his name in this list. As his first web series “The Silence” comes out today.

Many Mehzabeen fans and viewers think he is giving up drama. But Mehzabeen refused to accept it. In this context, the heroine commented: “I am a drama girl. Those who call me a drama queen really mean it. And I never once said that I had stopped acting. There is no chance of leaving the place where I was born and where I have known so much. As I work on OTT now, maybe the drama is not done. Also, if I get the script I like, I’ll do the play again. And we all have to leave space at some point. Many of the new people working now are doing well. Many try. I always wish them the best.

It’s clear from Mehzabeen’s statement that he won’t perform the play unless he gets the script he likes. So what will he write in the films after the web.

What Mehzabeen says is: “We who are artists perform our work, it can be in any medium. I just want to do the job. I will definitely work if I get a good script. It can be for TV, OTT or even movies.

Mehzabeen congratulated Siam and Arefin Shubo. He said, “There are a lot of good movies now. Visitors arrive in the room. Arifin Shubo Bhai’s “black war” is on. He worked hard for this film. While applauding his hard work, everyone should watch the movie. Then I saw a movie by Siam Ahmed called “Mridha Vs Mridha”. Siam played very well in this film. Besides, everyone did very well. I really like the picture. There are so many good films, if supported, I think there will be better films in the future.

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