What Mithila Said About Srijit Amid Split Rumors

What Mithila Said About Srijit Amid Split Rumors

Mithila is happily married to famous Tollywood director, Srijit Mukherjee. Suddenly there is a rumor that there is an upheaval in his family.

The question worries the sympathizers of Srijit and Mithila in Bengal. But is this popular couple really breaking up?

Their two posts, which the two stars posted on the same day, sparked speculation about Srijit-Mithila’s split. And both messages had a tone of sadness. After that, the marriage in 2019 is on the verge of breaking up.

Srijitpatni wrote: ‘How do you know love is true? How do you know this love is right? How far can you go to get an answer before you realize it’s not there?

Premiering on the same day in November, Angelina quoted lines from Jon Baez’s song Farewell. With a very boring image. “There is no need to anger, there is no need to blame. There is nothing to prove. All are the same. Only one tree is alone on the beach. By the sea. Goodbye Angelina The sky is shaking I have to say goodbye now.

After that, the commotion started. But Mithila called the case “immoral”. He called the rumors of their split just rumours.

Now, the Bangladeshi actress said, “When I come to Kolkata, the house seems very empty without Srijit. So I don’t have time to listen to those lyrics.

In fact, the year 2022 passed apart from the two Srijit Mithila. Srijit spent most of his time in Mumbai. And Mithila traveled to Bangladesh-Africa for her work.

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