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What Nusrat Faria said about the evaluation of his work in Kolkata

What Nusrat Faria said about the evaluation of his work in Kolkata

Popular actress Nusrat Faria. Since the start of his career, he has been discussing the cinema of Kolkata. He is busy with shooting some new movies. Meanwhile, recently a Kolkata movie titled “Bhoy” starring him was released on OTT. He talked about this movie, current engagements, and contemporary issues in today’s “Hello…” segment.

* First release of your film in OTT. How do you get the answer?

** I shot this movie a few years ago. It was intended for a theatrical release. Post-production work is done accordingly. Ultimately, the movie was released on OTT as per the director and producer’s decision. I get a good response after posting.

* Acted as a school teacher in this film. How was the filming experience?

** Experience is good. I had to work hard during filming. In fact, in this film, I work as a teacher of children with special needs. He can also be called a trainer. Ankush, the hero of the film, is a swimming teacher. I teach in the school where his sister studies. But the audience will understand the rest after seeing the movie ‘Bhoy’. I hope everyone will like it.

* Your film was released in Kolkata, but you are in Dhaka. What is the reason?

** Actually, the film was released in OTT, so the promotion is now handled online. Other than that, my schedule isn’t empty right now. But I will go to Kolkata on February 5th. Then I will also promote the movie ‘Bhoy’ among other works.

* Are you going to work in Calcutta?

** Work on the second part of the movie ‘Bivah Abhiyan’ is not finished. He has meetings. There is also a show that I will attend. Some novelties are also talking about them. You have to sit with them. All in all, I go to Kolkata for several jobs. I will be back on February 8.

* What is the news of the new film?

** Back to Dhaka from Kolkata to start filming a movie called “Football 71”. Anam Biswas will direct this film. I will go to Bangkok on February 18. I will shoot the song from the movie ‘Bivah Abhiyan’ there again. At the same time, I will shoot my own new music video.

* Work in Bangladesh and India. What is your assessment of the two countries?

** In fact, many people ask such questions. I work from Bangladesh to Kolkata, did I experience discrimination, how are the ratings of both countries, etc. In fact, I concentrate on my work. I don’t have time to think about anything else while I’m working. It is true that the people of Kolkata love me very much. Otherwise, I couldn’t work.

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