What Purnima said about artist Akbar’s music video


What Purnima said about artist Akbar’s music video

Artist Akbar became popular thanks to Hanif Sanketer etc. He sang the song “Ekdin Pakhi Ude” by Kishore Kumar. After that, the music video for Akbar’s first original song “Tomer Haat Pakhhar Bata” was made. The song was very popular at that time.

Actress Poornima played the role of Akbar’s wife in the song “Tomar Haat Pakhhar Bata”. This actress mourned the death of this co-artist.

He died on Sunday afternoon in the intensive care unit of the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University Medical Hospital in the capital. This was confirmed by singer Akbar’s wife, Kaniz Fatema.

At the news of Akbar’s death, Punirma said, I am very sad to hear the news of his death. He died in great pain. That his soul rests in peace.

At that time, the actress shared the experience of working with Akbar in a single music video. He said: “In terms of popularity, it can be said to surpass Akbar’s first song published in etc. More importantly, it was his own original song. I also have a lot of love from people for the song.

He also said, “He was very nervous doing the music video. I fan it, I feed it. There were also hands-on scenes. He was so nervous. Don’t sit next to sit! Many others were in doubt, he did so well that it was not understood that it was his first such act.

Singer Akbar’s body had accumulated water due to his poor kidney condition for a long time. Because of this, his right leg was destroyed by rot. As a result, one of his legs had to be amputated recently. Akbar drove a rickshaw in Jessore before gaining fame as a singer. He was born in Paikgacha, Khulna. But grew up in Jessore.

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