What Srabanti’s first husband said about the love of his ex-wife and son


What Srabanti’s first husband said about the love of his ex-wife and son

Tollywood actress Srabanti Chatterjee made her heroine debut in 2003 at the age of 16. Rajiv started a romance with Biswas after entering the film. Rajiv then worked as an assistant director on the film. On the one hand, just as Srabanti failed to establish herself as a heroine, neither could Rajiv Biswas establish herself as a director.

This loving couple decided to build a house at the beginning of their career, i.e. in 2003. After the marriage, they started living in Vijaygarh in South Kolkata. At that time, Sravanti used to bring water from the neighborhood tube well to drinking water. Because their economic situation was not so good back then. Both gradually established their careers. Rajiv bought an apartment in Vijaygarh in a rented house. Their family is blessed with a son Abhimanyu (Jhinuk). So much water flowed and broke this family of love!

Rajiv Biswas is busier with construction works. The ex-wife is in talks for various reasons throughout the year. But we don’t see Rajiv making a fuss about him. After several days, Rajiv spoke to an Indian media about Srabanti and his son Abhimanyu.

Srabanti-Rajib’s past is drawn into this conversation. It was asked – What impact did the split with Sravanti have on the career? In response, Rajeev Biswas said, “Work hasn’t been affected much. Even after parting ways verbally, we did ‘Bindas’. Srabanti is way ahead of other Tollywood actresses. I want to work with him again. .”

His Abhimanyu has grown now. Work as assistant manager. How is the father-son relationship? In response, Rajeev Biswas said, “We have a very good relationship. When he comes to my house on holidays from Saturday to Sunday, we discuss films. I said, don’t work with me on the show. Because you can’t take the whole day from work. Help me if I make a movie.

Srabanti-Rajib’s son Abhinyu is in love with a model named Damini Ghosh. Abhimanyu sometimes intervened in the discussion on this. Rajiv Biswas said of his son’s love, “Yes, I saw it practiced. What about their personal affairs! Other than that, Jhinuk doesn’t even have the courage to talk to me about love. He has a mother, will understand all this.

After the divorce from Rajib, Srabanti married two more times. The last family is also about to break up. Although not a formal split, Srabanti has been estranged for a long time. Not only that, he is involved in a romantic relationship with a businessman. On the other hand, Rajiv Biswas never remarried.

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