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What Sunny Did With Angry Shah Rukh

What Sunny Did With Angry Shah Rukh

Entertainment desk: The name of this film is at the top of the list of super hits of the 90s. Its set is skillful. And every thorn in fear. The name of the film is ‘Dor’. We hear that Sunny Deol ripped his pants because of the heated argument! Behind so much anger? Shahrukh Khan! And after these 16 years, the two people stopped talking to each other! What happened on the set of “Dor”?

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In an interview with Mumbai media, Dharmendra-Putra delved into memories of nearly three decades ago. Sunny says, “There was a terrible argument about Shahrukh. I tore my thick pants in anger!” The actor said that during filming he had a huge problem with director Yash Chopra.

Sunny was a superstar then. The actor claimed he was regularly harassed in front of newcomer Shahrukh. He couldn’t hold his composure any longer. Sunny was the hero of the film. Commando officer character. The actor disliked the film’s climactic scene. The director argued with Yash about this. Sunny explained, “I’m a commando officer in the movie. Ultimate fitness. How can a boy come and fight me? Then I won’t feel like a commando!

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With that, the two continued to press on. During this growl, Sunny tore his pants in anger. But this problem was far away. We learn that after the release of the film, Shah Rukh and Sunny did not speak to each other for 16 years. In this context, however, Sunny explains, “I don’t like to mingle with too many people.” After this incident, I withdrew a bit more. Shah Rukh was therefore rarely seen. So there’s no talking.”

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