What this popular French model said after announcing her conversion to Islam


What this popular French model said after announcing her conversion to Islam

French TV star and model Marine El Himer has converted to Islam. He said the moments of accepting Islam were the happiest days of his life.

In an Instagram post, Marine El Himer said, “I don’t know words strong enough to express the happiness and the intensity of the emotions I’m feeling right now.” I believe this spiritual journey will guide me inshallah and bring prosperity to my life.

Anadolu Agency reported that Marin converted to Islam a few months ago but revealed it last Wednesday (2 November). That day, he posted a video accepting Islam at a mosque in France and shared it on Instagram.

Marine El Himar was born in July 1993 in Bordeaux, in the south of France, of Moroccan-Egyptian origin. He has a twin sister named Ocean El Himar. But Himar was brought up by his stepfather.

Himer participated in the French reality TV show “Les Princes et les Princes de l’Amour”. The star gained great fame through reality TV shows called “Princess of Love” and “Marcellione in Dubai”. He has millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok social media platforms.

His comment on Islamization was a choice of my heart and my logic. “I think I’m having the best days of my life right now,” Marine Himer said in an Instagram post.

Regarding his return to Islam, Marin said that at some point he researched his own father and where he came from. It was during this time that he learned about Islam, and at some point he accepted Islam.

In an Instagram post, the French star model wrote: “You have to go alone”. No friends, no family, no partner. It will only be you and Allah. Many of you may know this. Many people ask. But I never officially announced that I accepted Islam a few months ago.

Expressing his excitement, he wrote, “My main message is that there is no shame in accepting another religion. It is one of the fundamental rights of all, which must be freely exercised. Many have noticed that a lot has changed over the past year. There was a big change in me too. I reviewed my sense of priorities. In addition, I rethought my life choices, whether professional or personal. Thanks to anyone who appreciates or at least pays homage to this.

Marine El Himar also traveled to Mecca in Saudi Arabia after accepting Islam. She also shared photos on social media while wearing the hijab in the holy premises of the Kaaba.

Marine El Himar’s conversion to Islam was widely welcomed by her supporters. A large part of the followers said they were satisfied with this news. He thanked his fans for supporting his choice.

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