What to do if the smartphone is wet


What to do if the smartphone is wet

What to do if the smartphone is wet

Even if the arrival of the monsoon is very late, the populations are exposed to the rains due to the effects of Cyclone Ashan. Having seen the sun outside, I have to face the rain. Since there is no sleeve, the smartphone gets wet on its own. So what to do quickly if the smartphone gets wet in the rain.

1/ Turn off your phone first. As a result, the possibility of damage due to a short circuit inside the phone will be reduced. If you can turn it off before water gets inside, your phone is several times more likely to be protected.

2/ Then wipe the water off the phone with a dry cloth. Dry the phone as best as possible. This will protect your phone from damage.

3/ If the phone has the ability to open the battery, quickly remove the battery from the phone. Although nowadays the phone battery stays inside the phone. If water gets inside the battery, you can face great danger.

4/ Remove the SIM card and the memory card from the phone and wipe them well with a dry cloth. It is possible that the SIM card and the memory card of the phone are damaged due to water. If you have a microfiber cloth handy, dry the phone thoroughly again.

5/ If there is water inside the phone, place the phone in a plastic bag and vacuum to extract it. The water inside the phone will come out a lot.

6/ Now place the phone in the bowl of rice. As a result, the moisture accumulated inside the phone dries up. You can also use silica gel if you wish. Leave the phone in this state for two to three days.

7/ Then take out the phone and turn it on. In most cases, the phone will turn on at this time. However, if there is excess water inside the phone, the chances of it turning on are very low. Take your phone out after at least two days of storage in rice.

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