What was once a fantasy is now a reality


What was once a fantasy is now a reality

This has now all become very normal thanks to the hands of technologists. What was once a fantasy is now a reality. It may seem that inventors got their ideas from reading novels or science fiction or watching movies. He created a real technology from this idea. This feeling is not wrong. These really influenced the ideas of the inventors.

1968 movie In 2001: A Space Odyssey Apparently, a spaceship has a special computer. A man in a spaceship uses this computer to wish his daughter on Earth a happy birthday in a video call. Around the world 50 years after the film was made, video calls have become the norm. Now even astronauts are joining video calls from space. Once again, the arrival of the Covid has completely changed the mode of communication. In this new reality, the practice and importance of video calling has increased. It is now very common to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, sitting at home.

Let’s go back 30 years. A man walking alone, waving his hand and talking to an invisible person – people on the street thought he was crazy. Now a lot of these people follow the chops. As we know, he has a small earpiece in his ear. He is connected to his phone via Bluetooth. He is talking to someone on the phone and next to him. The concept of such headphones is available Fahrenheit 451 In a novel called, published in 1953. In fact, there were also headphones at the time. But the weight was several tons. It seems very strange. The novel is about a future world where books are banned. People walk around with oyster-like objects in their ears, creating an ocean of electric sound. All the sounds of the world can be heard in this call.

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