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What will Kazi Hayat and Gulzar do if they win

What will Kazi Hayat and Gulzar do if they win

Artists-producers-professionals are more interested in organizations and elections than in cinema; This scene has been prevalent in Dhaliwood for a few years. There is no end to the debates and criticisms on this subject. Although no one cares. The electoral atmosphere of one organization is getting closer and closer to the fight of another.

This year, the biennial elections of the Association des Réalisateurs de Films for the period 2023-24 are held at the FDC. Two panels are vying for the polls on Friday (December 30). The winners will lead the directors for the next two years.

A panel for this election includes Kazi Hayat (Chairman) and Shaheen Suman (General Secretary); In the other, Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar (president) and Zakir Hossain Raju (general secretary). Abul Khair Bulbul and Chatku Ahmed are competing for the position of vice-chairman of two panels.

Regarding the election, Presidential candidate Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar told the Bangla Tribune that polling will start at 9am at FDC. It will continue until 5 p.m. Sometimes there will be prayer and a lunch break from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Expressing his intention to be a candidate for president, Gulzar said, “Due to Corona, we have fallen far behind. We don’t have a place to show movies. Even though the movie is done, the space to show it has shrunk. We called on the government to build a cineplex in every district of the country with government funding. The government took this initiative, the Prime Minister also gave instructions; But not yet implemented. For it to be implemented, I will take this action if I win. Secondly; In addition to government grants for films, grants should also be provided by the FDC so that at least 20 films can be made every year. In addition, we will also work to solve the problem of accommodation for directors.

On the other hand, Kazi Hayat said in a video message, “There is a saying, the egg comes first or the chicken comes first.” Even in such a cinematic arena, it is now said that cinema comes first or cinema comes first. I saw a movie released a few days ago, the state of the theater was very bad. I make a film with so much effort, but you can’t see it properly on the screen, and you can’t hear the sound. So the film must be good or the cinema? I say, both must be done well. How to improve these two is my first goal. Many may say, what am I going to do alone? I am not alone, I will be with the association of directors, the association of artists and people from the cinema. If we all talk together and try, then the solution will be found. If we go to see the Prime Minister, I don’t think he will kick us out.

Candidates from two juries The number of voters in this election of the Board of Directors is 368 people. Abdul Latif Bachchu will serve as Chief Election Commissioner. Samsul Alam and BH Nishan remain members.

Kabirul Islam Rana and Md. are vying for the position of deputy general secretary of the organization. Salahuddin; Simon Tariq, Salim Azam and Hanif Akon Dulal as treasurers; Anwar Siraji Oshahin Kabir Tutul as organizational secretary; Noor Mohammad Moni and Raju Ahmed as International and Information Technology Secretary; Abdur Rahim Babu and Mostafizur Rahman Babu as cultural and sports secretary; Wazed Ali Bablu and Saif Chandan as Publicity and Publishing Secretary.

In addition, 20 directors were appointed to two juries against 10 executive member positions.

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