When did you get married? Shubasri immediately asked Dev

When did you get married? Shubasri immediately asked Dev

The Dev-Shubashree romance was one of Tollywood’s open secrets. Although they didn’t talk about their relationship in front of the media, everyone knew about their relationship. There were no less discussions about this on the pages of the media. But later their relationship broke down. The actress has moved away from the big screen. He also made a comeback after a long hiatus. She is now the wife of Raj Chakraborty. They live with their only son Yuvan. But at the moment, Dev-Shubashree is discussed together in the media pages.

Recently, a video from several years ago went viral on social media pages. The video is a preview of one of the most popular reality shows on television. The preview is taken from “Apoor Sansara” by Zee Bangla directed by Shaswat Chatterjee. There, the actor stopped talking after hearing the actress’ answer to a question from Shaswat Chatterjee. What did he say?

In the video, the actor asked Subhasree what questions he would have asked as a Page Three reporter if he had met Dev! In response to this, the actress said she used to ask the actor how old he was. When is he getting married? And when will his acting “Dhumketu” be released? Hearing all these questions from the actress, the actor fell silent as if laughing. After that, looking at the camera, he told Dev he wanted the answer. Furthermore, the actress also said that Raj Chakraborty is the sexiest of them all. It should be noted that the actress has not yet completed seven rounds with Raj Chakraborty. Recently, since this video went viral, Dev-Shubashree has once again drawn attention to himself.

Right now, Dev is busy with his recently released movie “Prajapati”. His film rocked the box office. Response expected from the public as well. On the other hand, her performance in Subhasree’s standout “Bismilla” was eye-catching. Riddhi Sen, one of the most talented actors of the current generation, was seen opposite her in the film. The film was released last year. But right now, Subhasree is busy with his recently released movie “Dr. Bakshi.” Popular actors like Parambrata Chatterjee and Boney Sengupta are in the film alongside Subhasree.

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