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When will the angel fly again?

When will the angel fly again?

Being at the center of films, discussions or debates; He flew in the sky of Dhaliwood. That’s why fans call her “the winged fairy”. However, he hasn’t been seen flying at Cinepara for a long time. Rather, he seeks the fascination of a new life with her husband and children in her own home.

Parimani became a mother on August 10 this year. He was absent from all sorts of work for a few months before that. She wishes to entrust this important period of motherhood exclusively to her son Shahim Muhammad Rajya. All her attention is to ensure that the mother’s compassion and love are not lacking in the growth of her son.

However, the question arises, when will Pari stand before the light camera again? However, the heroine did not give a definite answer. But he said he only wanted to come back after getting ready.

Pari commented, “At the moment all my thoughts have become focused on the state. Maintain it properly and (specify) the mother properly. Yes, it’s true, Raj and others close to me, with whom I have worked, often say when will I return to work. But I think it will be easier to wrap myself up as I am and then go back to work.

Pari and Raj attended the grand opening of Star Cineplex’s new branch in Chittagong last Friday (December 2). Later in the evening, the star couple faced the media. There are certain aspects of cinema as well as personal life.

Parimani and Shariful Raj Parimani feels that it is a very difficult journey from being a girl to becoming a mother and then to playing the role of a mother. So he wants to come back to the big screen after a while. The famous ‘Swapnjaal’ actress said: ‘This period is very difficult for me. From daughter to mother; I think the journey after becoming a mother is even more difficult. The changes happen physically and mentally. Getting it back and coming back isn’t like a straw. As this is a one year trip, it will take me some time. If everyone is by my side during this period, it will be convenient to make a comeback.

Incidentally, before becoming a mother, Parimani finished filming a movie called ‘Maa’. Produced by Aranya Anwar. The film is awaiting its release after obtaining permission from the censors. Apart from that, he has another movie in his hand called ‘Pritilata’.

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