When will this pair be again – Dainik Amader Shomoy


When will this pair be again – Dainik Amader Shomoy

There is no film without the pair! Because movies are love stories. And love is between opposite sexes. As a result, a pair has the biggest role behind a hit movie. If a duo can deliver two or three hit movies in a row, then they become popular. After that, one film after another began to be shot with them. As a couple, they remain at the top of public demand. Today’s arrangement is with five popular pairs. Written by – Faisal Ahmed


The Razzak-Kabri duo has always attracted the public enormously. In 1968, these two acted together for the first time. The lovers of that time wrote love letters describing the dialogues, the songs, the style of the films of this pair of screens. Kabri and Razzak teamed up for the movie ‘Mainamati’. After that, their couple matured with many other films including ‘Abirbhava’, ‘Neel Akasha Niche’, ‘Flute’, ‘Rangbaaz’, ‘Adhikar’. During filming, Razzak-Kabri used to act with popularity in mind. Producers, owners and spectators were already interested in it. Many of their films have been running in theaters for years. Kabri acted in around 140 films during his career. But she is best known to the public as the heroine of Razzaq. No member of this popular duo is with us anymore.


Their popularity as a couple is very high. Just as everyone regards Kabri as the heroine when Razzaq is mentioned, Shabana is the heroine of Alamgir. And this pair is still in people’s mouths. The Alamgir-Shabana duo shines in the film based on the story of a family in Paura. Alamgir-Shabana has starred in the most films in the history of the domestic film duo tradition. There are 126 films in which they starred. And most of these films are commercial successes. Notable films they have acted in include – “Bhaat De”, “Apeksha”, “Swami-Stri”, “Ranga Bhabhi”, “After Death” and “Achena”. Of Shabana’s 11 National Film Awards, 6 are from films starring Alamgir.

Salman Shah-Shabnoor

Salman Shah-Shabnoor is considered the most successful romantic couple in Dhakai films. The late director Zahirul Haque produced “Tumi Amar” in 1994. Salman-Shabnoor first starred together through this film. Although this is Salman’s second film, Shabnoor has starred in several films as a heroine. But after linking up with Salman, Shabnoor’s career started to flourish. After the first movie, the directors-producers started to drag them into one movie after another. Salman Shah acted in 27 films during his short life. Shabnoor starred opposite him in 14 of those films. He became one of the stars of the film industry by playing alongside Salman. Of the few films they starred in together, almost all of them including “Tomak Chai”, “Jeevan Sansar”, “Swapner Adresh”, “Anand Ashru”, “Swapner Nayak” are still remembered by the public.

Naeem Shabnaz

Late filmmaker Ehtesham was looking for two new faces for his new film ‘Chandni’ in 1990. Eventually he got them. And those who got it, they got a place in the hearts of the audience in the first film. It is a solo act and a duet. These two are Naeem and Shabnaz. After that he acted in several other movies including ‘Love’, ‘Chokhe Keke’, ‘Dil’, ‘Takar Ahankar’, ‘Ghare Ghare Yudh’, ‘Sonia’ and ‘Anupta’. Each film is a commercial success. They fell in love with each other while acting in the film. The couple got married in 1996. After 2000, they disappeared from this world.

Farooq Babita

Actor Farooq starred in most movies with Babita. So he highlights Babita as his hit or favorite heroine. They first teamed up in 1973 with the movie ‘Abar Tora Manhoo Ha’. After that he starred in 33 movies including ‘Alor Michili’, ‘Katha Diim’, ‘Priya Bandhabhi’, ‘Lathiyal’, ‘Suriyamikma’, ‘Golapi Nak Traine’, ‘Nayanmani’, ‘Miya Bhai’, ‘Padma Meghna Yamuna’. they are Among them, the films ‘Alor Mihil’, ‘Golapi Nak Trene’ have become timeless. And in the sweet chemistry of the film ‘Nayanmani’ Farooq-Babita is still a symbol of chubby love in the minds of the public. The duo was last seen in the 2008 film “Gharer Lakshmi”.

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