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When winter comes, the problem of hemorrhoids in children increases, what to do?

When winter comes, the problem of hemorrhoids in children increases, what to do?

Piles is one of the critical diseases of children. Constipation occurs in children during the winter. The main reason is less water consumption. Children who drink less water for fear of winter have hemorrhoid problems.

Professor Dr., a specialist in colon and rectum surgery, spoke about the origin of piles in children AKM Fazlul Haque.

True piles are less common in children. Piles refer to lumps or gas in the rectum. The mass swells and sometimes bleeds due to the swelling of the many veins under the mucous membrane. Hemorrhoids means bleeding in the toilet. Internal piles may bleed profusely even though there is no pulp. There is a large gash but may not bleed.

There are variations in blood flow. However, bleeding usually occurs every few days to a few months. Children’s piles bleed more than adults. Most parents who come to the doctor for children with piles problems, ie blood in the toilet, are not piles. Rectal polyps are the leading cause of toilet bleeding in children.

It is a grape-like type of tumor, which is not cancer. They can be single or multiple, and there can be hundreds of these polyps that usually drain blood and mucus. The patient’s parents believe that he can be cured with blood dysentery and medication. The treatment for rectal polyps is to remove them. This is done while the patient is sleeping with the injection. Parents fear that unconsciousness will harm the young child. But they don’t focus on the anemia that the child suffers from due to blood loss.

An operation for a rectal polyp requires a few hours in the hospital. Some medications are given the day before to empty the patient’s stomach so that stools can be passed. It is best to do the operation on an empty stomach after waking up early in the morning. For this, the patient must receive a sedative injection. The tumor (polyp) is removed with a special instrument. In this operation, no incision is made in the anus, so there is no question of pain after the operation.

Two to three hours after the operation, the patient can eat and drink normally and go home. In this case, he can be discharged immediately as an outpatient without being hospitalized. Children have another problem with the rectum. If the stools are hard, the anus will crack and cause pain. Blood may also pass. After a few days, gas is seen in the anus. The child is afraid to go to the toilet because of the pain. This disease is called Analfisher. In this case, the doctor gives drugs to soften the stool, drinking water, vegetables, salad can help, ointment can be applied to the anus. In case of itching, a dewormer should also be administered. This disease can occur any time after birth.

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