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Where is Rajeev’s family?

Where is Rajeev’s family?

Wasimul Bari Rajeev is a strong actor in Dhaka film. He is known as Rajeev. This actor has acted in more than two hundred Bengali films. Although successful as a villain, he has played different roles in many movies. Left many fans in tears on November 14, 2004.

Even 18 years after his death, Rajeev is still alive in the hearts of his fans. There is no end to Rajeev’s interest in the public. This journalist is trying to get to know his family on the anniversary of his death. A relative of Rajiv said he was proud to be Rajiv’s family. The children also proudly say that they are Rajiv’s children. But Rajiv’s children have no interest in movies. Doesn’t have much contact with movie people, prefers to stay away from all sorts of discussions and campaigns.

Rajeev’s family currently lives in the capital Uttara. They live there in their own house. Rajiv’s wife, Ishmat Ara Rajiv. Her days are spent in family and religious activities. The Rajiv-Ishmat couple have one son and two daughters. Meanwhile, Rajeev’s first wife lives in Patuakhali with her son.

Rajeev was born on January 1, 1952 in Dumki, Patuakhali, Southern District. He died of cancer in 2004. He was buried in City Corporation Cemetery, Sector 4, Uttara. Rajeev made his film debut playing in Kazi Hayat’s “Khokon Sona”. He has won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor four times. He was also a director of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC).

Notable films of actor Rashavari A include: Shark River Grenade, Prem Piyasi, Truth Dies Not, Dream World, Today’s Terrorist, Durjoy, Deenmohar, Dream Address, Mahamilan, Baba’s Order, Demonstration, Ante Ante Ante, Dawn, Qayamat To Qayamat, Vaat Give, Eternal Love, King Shikdar and Fire in Heart, Brave Man Wanted, Rebellion all around, Riots etc.

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