Where is the nearest charging station? Google will find the address – PROTHOM KOLKATA


Where is the nearest charging station? Google will find the address – PROTHOM KOLKATA

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EV charging station: A proper charging station is very important for an electric vehicle, just as a gas pump is necessary for a gas-powered vehicle. Also, at the current rate of increasing electric vehicle numbers, it’s very useful to know where EV charging stations are nearby. And this is where Google has brought a big advantage.

Recently, Google has brought several features for Google Maps, Google Search and Google Lens. This initiative by Google aims to advance the enthusiasm of people around the world for electric cars before the next Christmas festival. Although initially this feature is available in some places. Google said this feature will be rolling out to different parts of the world in the coming days.

Google will find the nearest EV charging station

According to Google, the process of finding a charging station is very simple. In this case, users should first go to Google search and search for “Nearest EV Charging Station”, then an option called “Fast Charge” will appear. After clicking on this option, charging stations of 50 kW or more will be displayed.

Apart from this, the user can check which socket is used in the charging station by clicking on the Socket Type option. In other words, you can find out if the socket suitable for your electric car is available at your nearest charging station. The charging station’s charging network can also be checked.

The point to note is that Google will also show the exact direction of the charging station along with its address. This feature will work on Android and iOS smartphones.

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