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Who is the child’s father? Like Nusrat, Opar Bengal’s Bubli is the victim of ultimate sarcasm


Who is the child’s father? Like Nusrat, Opar Bengal’s Bubli is the victim of ultimate sarcasm

For the past few days, discussions have been rife around a Facebook post by one of Upper Bengal’s most popular actresses, Bubli. The name of Shakib Khan, one of the most popular actors in Bangladesh, came from this source. The rumors of their love do not date from a few days. In 2016, he entered the world of theater after the film ‘Basgiri’. Bubli starred with Shakib Khan in this movie. Since then, the rumor of their love has reached all ears. But they never admitted it in front of the media.

Since last year, Nusrat Jahan has discussed the identity of her child a lot on social media. He must hear many negative comments from the media as well as the netmahl. But this time the same incident happened again with actress Bubli on the other side of Bengal. After sharing Bubli’s baby bump photo on her Facebook page, there is a lot of discussion going on on the net.

On the one hand, the birthday of Abram, the son of Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas, is celebrated with great pomp. On the other hand, at that time, Bubli made such a post on his Facebook page, which naturally raised thousands of questions in the minds of ordinary people.

After the breakup, Apu and Shakib weren’t seen together much. But recently, Apu Biswas visited Shakib Khan’s house on Abram’s birthday last Wednesday. The birthday of their only son was celebrated there. Also, both shared photos of their children, scenes of their happy family. They also wrote asking everyone to pray to God for them. Apu Biswas also spoke to the media recently. In his own words, they’re not stupid. Shakib himself is a very generous person. As usual, he praised Shakib Khan in the media that day.

It is known that Shakib Khan also had a long relationship with Apu Biswas. At this time, they had a child before marriage. However, Apu Biswas was heard to say that the actor had forbidden to tell anyone about the child. But recently, they got together on their son’s birthday.

Seeing Bubli’s recent Facebook post, mountains of thousands of questions piled up in everyone’s mind. He had been in the United States for a year. When he spoke to Bubli in this context, he told the media that it was a very sensitive issue. The actress asked not to spread rumors in the media without knowing everything. He even took quite a bit of everyone’s time. He also said that he will tell everyone everything in time.

But this time, everyone’s curiosity is satisfied. The actress herself revealed the identity of her child on her Facebook page. Sharing several photos of their child, the actress wrote, “We wanted to bring our child in front of everyone on an auspicious day. But what God does, he does for good, he didn’t have to wait long for announce the good news.

Shehzad Khan Vir, my son and that of Shakib Khan, is our little prince. My children are my pride, my strength. I wish you all my prayers for our child. 🙏🏻❤️”.

After seeing this post from the actress, her fans are relieved. At this time, everyone showered the actress and actor with wishes.

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