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Who is Tollywood’s richest superstar?

Who is Tollywood’s richest superstar?

Entertainment desk: Internet users always have an eye on celebrities. From their personal life to their life on the big screen and even their assets, internet users are keeping tabs on them. Everyone is interested to know how many properties a star owns and how many expensive cars are in his garage. Today I will tell you about the heroes of Toli Para. Let me know the amount of goods between Prosenjit, Jeet and Dev. Who owns the most property?

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Jeet – Jeet’s dominance in Tollywood cannot be overstated. He is said to be a superstar in the Bengali industry. He entered the Bengali industry with the film Saathi. Then he never looked back. He captured the hearts of countless viewers with one blockbuster movie after another. The net worth of this actor is around $1-5 million.

Dev – After Mahanayak Uttam Kumar in the Tollywood film industry, none other than Mahanayak is the most beloved Dev. Actor and popular MP, overall, Dev’s popularity is skyrocketing. He made his debut in the Bengali industry through the film Agnispath. And then his amazing performance in one movie after another made him everyone’s favorite hero. His net worth is around $2-5 million.

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Prosenjit – Prosenjit went on to dominate the Bengali film industry. In short, the leader of Bengali films was none other than everyone’s favorite Prasenjit. Even for all these years, the popularity of which has not waned so much. We still see him in many films. His net worth is around $30 million. He is therefore ahead of others in terms of assets in the Bengali film industry.

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