Who knows if I’m your real father or not? Charles to Harry

Who knows if I’m your real father or not? Charles to Harry

Prince Harry claims in his autobiography ‘Spare’ that his father, King Charles III, made ‘bittersweet’ jokes about his paternity. Charles said, even if I’m your real father, who knows? Dear Vassya, maybe your father is actually in Broadmoor!

He made such a joke after meeting a mental patient. The man claimed to be the Prince of Wales.

In the autobiography, according to Harry, his father Charles was particularly fond of telling stories of visits to a mental asylum. There he met a mental patient who claimed to be the Prince of Wales. At that time, the Prince of Wales was Charles himself.

Harry saw his father’s words as a “bittersweet” joke. The reason he cites is that at the time the joke was made, Major James Hewitt was allegedly his real father.

Harry wrote: ‘He (Harry’s father) couldn’t stop laughing. It was no joke to be amused though. Because at that time rumors spread that my real father was Major James Hewitt, one of my mother’s former lovers.

Little Prince Harry on Princess Diana’s lap

Hewitt was a former cavalry officer in the British Army. He was romantically involved with Prince Harry’s mother (Diana) in the mid-90s. Hewitt became Diana’s riding instructor through an acquaintance at the party.

In his book ‘Princess in Love’, Hewitt said the two had a five-year relationship from 1986 to 1991. Charles even had that romance with Diana when he was still his wife.

Prince Harry’s highly anticipated autobiography “Spare” will be released on January 10. The Independent reports that the Daily Mail has already obtained a copy of the book. In the new book, the Duke of Sussex talks about the incident and his father Charles’ interest in telling the story, the Daily Mail reported.

Charles and Diana married in 1981. Prince William was born in 1982 and Prince Harry in 1984. Charles and Diana officially announced their separation in 1986.

Harry wrote: “Diana didn’t meet Major Hewitt for a long time after I was born.” This member of the British royal family mentions in his autobiography that despite this fact, there were rumors about his paternity.

Hewitt himself denied the possibility of being Harry’s father. He also mentioned that he met Diana two years after Harry was born. In a 2002 interview with the Sunday Mirror, Hewitt said that when he met Diana, Harry had already learned to walk.

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