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Who Mim shot the arrow at


Who Mim shot the arrow at

Mim has always been discreet. She can blend into any event like the girl next door. But this meme erupted in anger on the social handle. Threatened directly! Remembering the old adage, he said, “Pride is the root of downfall…Wait and see!”

But before making that threat, this ‘Paran’ winning heroine flew on the wings of a butterfly throughout the day and into Saturday evening. Later that evening, the long-awaited ‘Damaal’ film release wrapped up in a t-shirt and the star strolled around the Cineplex baby shower festival. Before that, he was in the joy of worship throughout the week.

The industry and fans are unable to match these numbers; Saturday midnight why Mim khepe! Against whom is his answer? No, he did not answer such a question. Rather say the same thing – wait and see.

However, according to various researches, Mim is in the limelight due to an incident that took place during two special events in the capital on Saturday night (October 8). And many say that the incident happened tonight around the brilliant awards ceremony of an OTT platform. However, it is not known exactly by whom, when and how Mim was victimized by “arrogant” behavior. Of course, many whisper around the two heroines!

Rumors speculate that maybe someone associated with the producer-actor of ‘Paran’ and ‘Damaal’ didn’t treat Vidya Sinha well last night. After a long time through these two movies, Mim’s career is taking a boost. Perhaps its continued brilliance is the reason many people’s minds are fading!

Meanwhile, fans are expressing their interest and opinions by commenting on the status of the actress. Someone is trolling Shakib Khan, someone didn’t let the Bubli-Pooja cherry! However, it should be noted that no one has yet implicated Tama Mirza or Parimani in this incident.

The Root of Pride's Downfall: Who Mim Shot the Arrow At Having not received Vidya’s comment, Bangla Tribune contacted mime Raihan Rafi. The question was, did Mim go to the OTT event after last night’s Star Cineplex? He said no. They were invited there, whose work was on this platform. Mim had no movies there. So it didn’t work.

Now the main question, so Rafi’s hit heroine is mad at who! Uninvited from the OTT platform, or the demeanor or exuberance of a contemporary heroine? In response, Raihan Rafi told the Bangla Tribune: ‚ÄúThere is no need to be angry with the OT. Because there is no film of him. He is angry for another reason. I won’t ask!

Superhit ‘Paran’ – Unable to handle the push, the much-talked-about film ‘Damaal’ comes out on October 28 with almost the same setup. Another successful hero of the time, Siam, joined the Rafi-Mim-Raj camp. The film also stars Intekhab Dinar, Sumit Sengupta, Rashed Mamun Apu, Saeed Babu, Nazmus Saqib, Shahnaz Sumi and others.

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