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“Who will judge you? – Dainik Amader Shomoy

“Who will judge you? – Dainik Amader Shomoy

The highest honor “National Film Award” is given annually for his contribution to the film industry. This prize will also be awarded this year. Although the list of winners of “National Film Awards 2021” has not been officially released, the possible list of winners is known. However, officials from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting are still mum on the matter.

Dolly Zahoor and Ilyas Kanchan are known to jointly receive the Lifetime Award. But once popular actress Anjana once expressed her anger at the honor of this category. Now actress Nutan has joined her.

Nutan wrote in a lengthy Facebook post: ‘There is no TikTok category in the National Film Awards? I request to keep the category of Tik Tok and Facebook followers. And the viral category is not bad! I never imagined having to write such an article on the National Film Award. Being a hero in this country now seems like a sin to me. Sometimes I am very angry with my father. I was a girl from the South, my father was born there. Phuppu was the heroine of South. If I had been there, I would have been a hero too if I had been lucky, so that was good. I’m 100% sure that I wouldn’t have been a dishonored or shamed star even if I wasn’t a big star. I could do something with looks and dancing.

He wrote more. ‘Thank you Anjana. I forgot there was something in this country called Lifetime Honors. “Ora 11jan” is the first film based on the Liberation War after the Liberation War. Even though I was a minor actress in this movie, I didn’t know what it took to get a lifetime award. I am also not aware of the need to provide further proof of eligibility. So I don’t want to know that in movie life like 50 years. Lifetime honors are not a big deal for me. Greater rewards than this I have often received from men, and I believe that even after death I shall receive lifelong honors from some men; I did this job.

Nutan said in agreement with actress Anjana, “I don’t consider myself worthy of a lifetime award.” But I pronounce the name of Suchrita on the tone of Anjana! Isn’t he qualified? The selectors have not measured and will not measure the merits of Socharita. I am not an actress. Please don’t oil the National Film Awards. Then the hand will slip; Who can no longer be brought home. Once upon a time, I worked for years to get such a national film award. Then it had to be achieved with a lot of sacrifice, hard work, love, knowledge and skill. How many discussions after receiving how many arrangements. And now it is given to him as another reward.

The once-popular actress also said, “The thing is, taking love with a prize is like a Facebook prize. Whoever gets the most hype will take pictures with the prize, which will attract sponsors or increase the variety of the prize. But it’s a government award, so what’s there to elevate the breed! No, there is no breeding. But there is a lot to pull down. You can get the National Film Award even by directing a film; I don’t disagree with that or those who got it are definitely qualified. But those who give? The one who is rewarded must not be ashamed, why did I receive this prize? It’s sad! In this country, honor must be dishonoured.

Finally, Nutan said, “For our 70s/80s/90s film actors and actresses, Bengali films are now largely a curse, nothing but elections and sometimes played like crowns on heads. leathered and disgraced faces as respectable. What the hero Rajrazzak also saw. Best wishes to all who are awarded this time, including Kanchan-Dolly Jahoor. Kanchan and Dolly are 100% worthy. I’m afraid for another reason that if the mahrattan heroine of tiktok or facebook or the heroine-heroine who got 3 awards out of 5 movies come and say, you and I are equal. I also received the National Film Award, and so did you. How will I respond to these words? I’m already scared; A lot of people say, you’re such a great heroine, why don’t you have any followers on Facebook? I have a fruit layer of 5/6 lakh. In the end, I remembered only one thing: who will judge you?’

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