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Whose baby on lap? Srabanti actress with Ekarti Khud

Whose baby on lap? Srabanti actress with Ekarti Khud

Srabanti Chatterjee is in the media for no reason. A section of netizens don’t need a separate reason to practice on him. Currently, her relationship with businessman Abhirup Nag Chowdhury is one of the most discussed topics in the media. But this time it’s not for Abhirup Nag Chowdhury but for a completely different reason Srabanti Chatterjee in light of practice.

Presently, the actress was seen sharing a photo with a small child on her social media page. And since this photo was shared, one after another sarcastic comments have come towards the actress. Someone said, when did she become a mother again? Someone directly asked whose lap the baby was? Someone else said the child looked a lot like the actress. If you look at the comments box of the shared photo, people will see many such comments. It is noteworthy that the actress appeared in a one-sided off-the-shoulder dress. In addition, the child was also seen shot and kicked.

The thing is, Srabanti Chatterjee recently attended the one-year birthday party of his Aunt Smita Ghosh’s only son, Shirish. It was there that the actress took a photo with this one on her lap, which is currently going viral on the net. Both Smita and her husband Sujoy belong to this theater world. Currently, we don’t see them much, but at one time, they worked together. Note that the sister of the actress has worked in several soap operas like ‘Saphat’, ‘Mouchak’.

Abhirup was probably present with Srabanti on the first birthday of Srabanti’s only son. However, even if he was present, he was not captured in the film. The actress’ son Abhimanyu and his girlfriend Damini were also present for the occasion. He was also seen taking pictures with close friends and family members on Bonpo’s birthday. This overview can also be found on social media pages. So far, Srabanti has been badly taunted by sharing a photo with his sister-in-law. But he is never willing to worry about all these things. This time was no different.

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