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Why did the heroine file a complaint against the producer?

Why did the heroine file a complaint against the producer?

Actress Raj Ripa. He has already signed a new film contract. However, before the start of filming, the heroine filed a complaint against the producer. Raj Ripa filed a General Log (GD) against producer Nasim Sahnik at Ramna Police Station in the capital for fraud and threats.

GD mentioned that although 30% of the money was supposed to be paid for signing the film, the producer did not pay the money. He then threatened the heroine when she asked him for money.

Earlier, Raj Ripa revealed the entire incident in a Facebook post. He wrote, I won’t do the new movie I signed. It’s my decision. I told director Nasim Sahnik two days ago that I wouldn’t do the film. He (the producer) explained to me well and made me shut up.

Raj Reaper comments, I signed their film. But I did not know that the signing would take place that day (November 25). I was brought in to sign early and 30% of the signing money had to be paid at that time. They gave me quick Facebook post photos, new views on everything. The movie was signed, but my signing money didn’t come in my pocket. They said they will give me money signed with Bikash number, today it has been five days and there is no news. I gave them three days, no more. It didn’t occur to me what kind of film people would make if they didn’t qualify for my 30% payment. I won’t do this film again, that’s the final word.

Raj Ripa

In the same message, the actress wrote to the producer, investor of the film Mamunur Islam, beware. Don’t live in someone’s name. Stay away from cheating. However, it wasn’t a bad idea to have the name of the film appear with my name. Please do not go to court for this fraud. But if you exaggerate, take legal action, be careful. I have all the evidence. Many of these producers come and go on the streets, but few can make a film.

Raj Ripa says, my mistake. Without knowing it, sign the film and publish it. This type of audience exists in this industry. You better be careful, or you’ll be a fool like me. I apologize to the journalist brothers.

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