Why didn’t Salman Shah receive the National Film Award?


Why didn’t Salman Shah receive the National Film Award?

Delwar Jahan Jhantu made a movie called “Kanyadaan” with Salman Shah. He said, “Salman Shah has no character worthy of a National Film Award. To win awards, you need a good director, you need a good character. Salman doesn’t get it.”

When asked how Salman Shah’s performance in Kanyadaan was, he replied, “Pretty much.” He made no performance worthy of an award.

Putting everyone who received this award after Salman Shah in front of Salman, this director said: “The jury is made up of university professors, secretaries, film gurus, great journalists. They must understand this very well.”

Salman Shah was active for three years, acting from 1993 to 1996, during which time powerful actor Raisul Islam Asad won the National Film Award three times.

Asad won the National Film Award for Best Actor in 1993 for Padma Nadiman Majhi, next year Alamgir for Patriot, next year again Asad for Another Life, next year Sohail Rana for Aajante and the year of afterwards for Dukhai.

Omar Sani, another popular actor from the time of Salman Shah, said: “Salman Shah didn’t get the chance to get the National Film Award. He only made 27 movies. Many didn’t. received awards despite hundreds of films.

This generation actor Nirab Hossain said: “Salman Shah has national love. Those who are born now also love Salman Shah. To see his work. If Salman Shah had lived and had not received the award, I don’t think he would have regretted it. Public love is the greatest national reward for Salman Shah. He doesn’t need anything else.”

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