Why do you always get the love from the public, said Nadia

Why do you always get the love from the public, said Nadia

Nadia Ahmed is a regular in dance and theater. We see it especially in drama series. He talked about current engagements and contemporary issues in today’s “Hello…” segment.

Q: Some of your drama series are shown on television. How do you get the answer?

Nadia: Actually, one-off dramas are produced and released more now. Even people look more at unique pieces. Considering this, I consider myself very lucky. I get a good response from drama series on TV. Since my childhood, I have seen that drama means series. Creating, promoting and reaching the audience of a drama series is an important issue. We also try to act with caution with the producer. Maybe that’s why I still have the love of the public.

Question: If you consider the aspects of acting, do you think drama series can easily reach the audience?

Nadia: Working on a series is like teamwork. So is the monologue, but only for a short time. You have to work together for a long time in the soap opera. For this reason, if we understand each other and try to portray our characters in a good story, the audience will definitely watch the drama.

Q: Do you find comments from online visitors happy or scary?

Nadia: People can now comment directly online. I think it’s really fun. Being involved in dance since I was a kid, I’m used to hearing direct feedback or feedback from the audience. Enjoy it a lot. Artists may be more aware because of this comment.

Q: Have you ever felt like you didn’t get the right rating as an actress in the views market?

Nadia: Recently, our colleague Intekhab said in a Dina function that we were losing views in the market. He dedicated his prize to the blind. From this point of view, OTT all over the world is experimenting with all kinds of performers. But the public has a demand for all kinds of artists. One thing is spreading because there is no demand, but it is not true. Through this, however, a division is created between the artists. I would say everyone should work together in the industry.

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