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Why is Jennifer Lopez Hollywood’s most underrated star? – Amrita Bazaar


Why is Jennifer Lopez Hollywood’s most underrated star? – Amrita Bazaar

The song was created by composer Andre Deyo, who was inspired by Lopez’s revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey in May of the same year, later on his third album, This Is Me… Deyo told BBC Culture : “Her name was originally Jenny from the Bronx, but it was eventually changed. I wanted to give her a new nickname like J-Lo [which she had used for the title of her second album]So will her name be Jenny?

of this The video for the catchy flute riff from Enoch Light’s 1975 Disco Hijack was one of the most talked about songs of the year and only spent 16 weeks on the US Billboard charts. What sets the track apart from many other hit pop songs is the autobiography of singer Lopez, a second-generation immigrant from Puerto Rico who grew up in Bronx, New York. The song has been mentioned 29 times. “People love supporting places as much as they love supporting people, so I felt there would be a big connection with Jennifer and the Bronx because that’s the home of hip-hop,” Devo explains, which adds a geographical accent to the song. On Lopez’s part, it also reflected a desire to return to the traditions that had defined him as a performer since his youth.

Lopez’s rise to global icon status has been long, but despite a three-decade career that has sold 80 million albums, recorded eight albums and starred in more than 40 films, she still struggles to earn a price. his right This was evident in Netflix’s latest documentary, Halftime, which follows him through his eventful career in 2019 and 2020, when he appeared in the critically acclaimed Hustler and starred in the mid-show. 2020 Super Bowl time. However, while celebrating both accomplishments, he pointed to the pushback he still faces from the industry. As a result, we see she didn’t receive the long-awaited Oscar nomination for Hustlers and was tricked into sharing the Super Bowl stage with fellow Latina singer Shakira, a decision Lopez doesn’t regret: “It’s was the worst. The idea is that two people in the world have won the Super Bowl!” he says to the camera. In a mixture of coincidence and design, the documentary asks the question: Is Lopez the most famous star? Hollywood underrated?

His hard-deserved promotion

From an early age, López always struggled with a certain skepticism: when he was a teenager, his parents, David and Guadalupe, opposed him when he decided to drop out of university, initially thinking that he could become a lawyer. Fulfill your dream of becoming an actor. But in the early 1990s, a performance as a backup dancer for MC Hammer and New Kids on the Block earned her a spot as one of the Fly Girls, a dance troupe on the television comedy sketch show In Living Color.

From there, various small television roles followed – the 1995 action thriller Money Train and the comedy Jack with Robin Williams a year later, before two high-profile appearances on the big screen. But then came the role in 1997 that made her controversial: Selena played the late Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Quintanilla-Perez was a Mexican-American singer who, on her way to becoming one of the biggest Latin American crossover stars in history, was shot and killed by her fan club president Yolanda Saldivar in 1995 at the age of 23. . When López was Quintanilla-Perez in the film, he was playing someone who was an important ancestor of his (although Quintanilla-Perez was actually younger), which perhaps explains his belief in the widely praised and recounted performance. . Incandescent” by the LA Times.

Film critic and BBC Radio 4 Screenshots host Ellen E. Jones agrees that Selena, the first Latin American to win Lopez $1 million for a film, remains one of the defining moments of her career: Jennifer’s true superpower is megawatt charisma. That’s why you can’t take your eyes off it while it’s on screen. The role was a smart move as it likened her to this beloved Latina icon, suggesting she was an icon in the making, but it only proved it. Latino identity and earned him the loyalty of a significant portion of the American and global public. He emphasized that his charisma was linked to his self-awareness, his confidence and his strategic sense.

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