Why is Subhasree doing this?


Why is Subhasree doing this?

Curly hair, wrinkled skin, pale eyes with thick-rimmed glasses, dressed in a white sari; In short, a normal old woman. But if you pay attention, you can figure out that it is actually Subhashri Ganguly; Best Tollywood Actress. He appeared in such exceptional form in a poster that aired on Tuesday evening (September 20).

Sudarshana Subhasreer then why this situation? The mystery is solved by looking at other information on the poster. This is basically a poster for a web series titled “Indubala Bhatar Hotel”. Where Subhasree is in the title role. Thanks to this, the actress made her debut in the web world.

This web series is based on the novel “Indubala Bhatar Hotel” by writer Kallol Lahiri. Built by Devalaya Bhattacharya. Parambrata Chatterjee plays the role of Subhasree’s husband in the series. Soham Chakraborty will also be seen. The series will be released on the OTT Hochii platform.

Early in his career, Subhasree mainly acted in commercial films. It has been seen in many popular movies. But at this point, it fits differently. He appears onscreen in all story-based characters. The public is fascinated by seeing him in ‘Parineeta’, ‘Habji Gabji’ or ‘Dharmajuddha’. ‘Indubala Rice Hotel’ will be added to this list.

In personal life, Subhasree is married to producer Raj Chakraborty. She became a mother of a boy in September 2020. So naturally her physical structure changes. However, the actress regained her attractive appearance by shedding that maternity fat.


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