‘Wind’ hits the US Top Charts


‘Wind’ hits the US Top Charts

Mezbaur Rahman Sumon’s debut film ‘Hawa’ shot on the high seas. The Desh Matiye film was released in North America on September 2. During the first week, the film was released in a total of 86 theaters, including 13 in Canada and 73 in the United States. Also in the second week, several cinemas count the release days. “Hawa” is known to have entered the US top charts within the first four days of its release (the Labor Day long weekend). It is the first time that a Bangladeshi film has entered the American top chart. The president of Swapna Scarecrow, the film’s international distributor. Aliullah Sajib confirmed the case. He gave this information on his Facebook profile and on the Swapna Scarecrow Bangladesh page on Wednesday September 7 at noon. Sajib said, we have seen the signal of a box office cyclone in the interest of Bangladeshi moviegoers in Canada and the United States. It was beyond our imagination that the storm would be so great. On this joyful occasion, first of all congratulations to the ‘Hawa’ team and the ‘Dream Scarecrow Bangladesh’ team. Thanks also to North American viewers. Sajeev writes, ‘Hawa’ as Bangladesh’s first film hit the US top chart! Again, the film is in the top 30, at number 27. Due to Labor Day, there was one more (holiday) weekend this time. As a result, the gross box office collection of ‘Hawa’ in the first four days is 2 lakh 13 thousand 461 dollars. Of which 86 thousand 312 dollars were earned in Canada and 1 lakh 27 thousand 149 dollars in the United States. So far, 25 thousand 444 people have seen the film. Of that number, 9,930 people in Canada and 15,514 in the United States watched. Sajeev also said that “Devi” is the highest-grossing Bangladeshi film at the North American box office to date. The film’s revenue was 1 lakh 25 thousand 414 dollars. Hawa director Mezbaur Rahman Sumon is thrilled and surprised that his film is taking such a storm in North America after making its theatrical debut in the country. He said, “I thank the North American audience, the ‘Hawa’ team and distributor Dream Scarecrow.


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