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With “suspicious” objects, “Aunt June” arrested at a foreign airport!

With “suspicious” objects, “Aunt June” arrested at a foreign airport!

Bangladeshi office: Incidents of celebrities being sexually assaulted at airports are nothing new. From Bollywood to Tollywood, several stars have been harassed at airports on multiple occasions. Actress Ushasie Chakraborty is also on the list. Recently, the actress revealed on camera that she had to eat nakanichobani at the airport while traveling overseas.

Ushasi recently came to Didi number one. There he recounted his first solo trip. He left for a tour in Europe after Durga Puja. The actress visited Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands. The problem occurred at the airport in the Netherlands.

First solo trip, also abroad. As excited as Ushsi was, it all fell apart at the airport in the Netherlands. At the time of checking, the camel suddenly stopped. There is a “suspicious” object in his bag!

After listening, the actress cocks her head. On the stage of Didi Number One, Ushsi said that in case of foreign passengers, the screening is stricter at airports. After searching Ushsi’s body and bag, he was informed that he was carrying something suspicious.

Ushsi was understandably surprised. What could be “suspicious” for him? The actress said, he said that many times. But who listens to whom? In the end, Ushsi said that if necessary, a check should be done again. In the end, nothing suspicious was found. On the contrary, Ushsi was later informed that the problem may have been due to a mechanical fault. The actress was only harassed.

Incidentally, Ushsi was last seen as ‘June Aunty’. He does not think of returning to the small screen after the Srimayi series. In the future, Ushsee will be seen in a web series on a well-known OTT platform.

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