With the capital invested in the connection project, what is the use of focusing on the world of tlc service retailers

With the capital invested in the connection project, what is the use of focusing on the world of tlc service retailers

Tiscali enters into projects linking 40% of the capital and 30% in options. Its operating subsidiary, Tiscali It was Italia’s board of directors that approached the investment in the Italian company specializing in offering integrated and high value-added solutions dedicated to retail telecom operators. After integration with Linkem Group retail operationsTiscali Initiated this strategic corporate transaction, aimed at creating a new offer segment, dedicated to resellers of telecommunications services,” the note reads.

Tiscali entered the connection scheme with 40% of the capital and another option of 30%

above all, Tiscali Italia has signed a sales agreement which provides for the purchase of a percentage equal to 40% of the share capital of Connecting Project, for an amount of 1.7 million euros. The agreement also provides for an option, exercisable until the general meeting which will rule on the 2025 accounts of the new buyer, to buy an additional share equal to 30% of the company’s capital at a price of 1.5. If this option is exercised, the selling shareholder has a cost of 0.75 million by Tiskali will have the right to sell the remaining 30% of shares. The agreement also provides for a shareholders’ agreement between TiscaliCreated in 2006 to provide telecommunications, voice and data network design services, to control the future management of Italia and business partner companies.

The completion of the operation, he specifies, “is always subject to the satisfaction or waiver of certain conditions precedent, including that of Tiscali. Approval of creditors, lack of action, lawsuit, procedure or investigation pending before any authority whose purpose To prohibit or prohibit the execution of transactions, as well as the non-occurrence within the execution period of a significant event detrimental to the economic, legal or market situation of the target.

Objective: Create a new offer segment dedicated to resellers of telecommunications services

To date, in Italy there are more than 100 subjects authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development for the resale of RLC services, recipients of the services of this new initiative. Thus, thanks to investments in connectivity projects and relevant infrastructural and operational coordination, TiscaliBased on the best connectivity, voice, cloud, software and CRM services available with a simple one-stop-shop model, the retailer will be able to offer market-integrated solutions capable of providing all the tools an operator retail needs to be competitive. Telecommunications market. By combining these activities, “the group’s commercial offer opens up a new market opportunity, capable of directing the entrepreneurial path of the company towards a profile of technological catalyst”, we read again.

CEO Rota: We address the world of telecom service retailers, a growing segment.

Tiscali Its CEO, Davide Rota, explained that the new Tiscali’s projectIt is based on the opportunities actually offered by the market in terms of prices and margins. “That’s why we decided to enter the world of telecommunications service retailers with a dedicated and inclusive offer for design, technology and specialized support,” he said. Indeed, it is a growing segment that requires highly qualified advanced services that are currently not present in the offers of major wholesale operators. “Thanks to ten years of experience, expertise and quality that have determined its success, the connection project is a fundamental and strategic element of our industrial project so that traders, especially the smallest ones, can find answers to their real and concrete needs,” he concluded the rotation.

Luca Cecchi, Managing Director of Connecting Project, said he was “very proud that Connecting Project is part of this ambitious project with the Linkem Tiscali group. , whose values ​​and vision we share. It is certain that this operation “will lead us to obtain significant market results, always with the aim of ensuring the greatest satisfaction of our customers”.

Tiscali The title was awarded to Piazza Affari, but it was only a mini-bounce

An acquisition appreciated by the market. Indeed, in Piazza Afari by Tiskali The action rose 2.7% to 0.6238 euro. A mini-bounce after the stock fell around 46% in three months and around 70% in one year. till today, by Tiskali The market capitalization is 41 million euros. (All rights reserved)

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