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With whom success is achieved

With whom success is achieved

Popular Bollywood actress Kriti Shannon is at the height of her career. While many established actresses can’t wait to star with a top hero, she goes one step further. Because the film is in his name! On the contrary, many high-profile heroes have been seen to be very interested in acting opposite her recently. As happened in the case of two popular Bollywood heroes, Varun Dhawan and Kartik Aaryan. Of course, many top actresses are waiting to play with them.

It turns out that Kriti has already done very well in acting in twin films with Varun. Varun, the mastermind behind Kriti’s casting in ‘Veriya’, got the news from the film unit itself. The director also responded to this interest. The film was released in India on Friday, November 25. It is directed by Amar Kaushik. The film in the horror genre has already generated a lot of discussion. Before that, however, he starred in a horror movie called “Ruhi.”

However, Kriti has already been seen opposite Varun in ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Kalank’. It is said that Varun and Kriti – these two make a successful Bollywood pair. But there is more to Bollywood than that. Part says he suits Karthik Aaryan and not Varun.

Kriti’s next film with Karthik is called “Shehzada”. His teaser was released a few days ago on Karthik’s birthday. The film is a Hindi remake of the Telugu film “Ala Vaikunthapurramulu”. Allu Arjun was seen in the lead role of this film. The film has already created quite a discussion at Bollywoodpara.

However, there is a rumor in Bollywood that they are secretly in love. However, both have publicly denied the affair. But from their debut film ‘Lukashoopi’ to the latest ‘Shehzada’, everyone views the chemistry of their relationship with suspicion. Due to the great chemistry of the relationship between these two, some directors are offering to play as a couple in the upcoming films. However, Kriti’s manager himself told the media.

Although the manager said that, according to the news received from relatives, these two will be starring in another movie very soon. And Karthik himself suggested Kriti’s name to the director to star in this film.

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