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Wood carving workshop Sarab Safiuddin Shilpalay


Wood carving workshop Sarab Safiuddin Shilpalay

Art guru Safiuddin Ahmed is the father of modern prints in the country. Bishmane elevated the country’s printmaking world through lifelong pursuits. June 23 was the centenary of the birth of this pioneering painter. As part of the artist’s centenary celebrations, a woodcarving workshop is taking place at Safiuddin Shilpala in Dhanmondi. In this, students take the initiation of creating art using the woodcut medium of printmaking. 30 students from different parts of the country spend their time practicing wood engraving from morning to night. Learn the application of color from the use of printing presses. Against this background, the woodcarving work continues with a knocking sound. All in all a wonderful scene was seen on Sunday afternoon.
The title of this six-day workshop organized by Safiuddin Print Making Studio is “Multi-Dimensionality of Wood”. The training phase takes place under the supervision of the engraver artist Anisuzzaman, professor at the University of Dhaka. Artist Anisuzzaman said that in this workshop the woodcut technique using a few colors for prints is taught. The students are all very enthusiastic about learning. For their own benefit, they learn the details of artistic creation using the medium of woodcut. They work tirelessly from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
The founder of Safiuddin Chattar, artist Ahmed Nazir, said that all materials for artists participating in this workshop are provided by Safiuddin Print Making Studio. We want students to learn modern printing techniques across the country.
Mohlapru Marma, a student from Kavi Nazrul University’s printing department, Trishal said, “This is a great opportunity for us. I can learn by hand how to carve wood to make multicolored prints.
Chittagong students Saikat and Pallabi said: I can learn about some of the outstanding techniques of artist Anisuzzaman here. It is a great achievement for us. Also, I can learn how to work with multi-layered colors, it’s also very useful.
Three members of two groups of artists worked together. Shahida Akhtar and Jyotha Mahbooba from ‘Bandhu’ and Farhana Afroz Bappi from ‘Colors’. They too finished their studies in the fine arts a long time ago but rub shoulders with young students.
Students from the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Dhaka, University of Chittagong, University of Rajshahi, University of Khulna and Kabi Nazrul Islam University in Trishal participated in the ‘workshop. Apart from this, selected members of Safiuddin Print Making Studio also participated in this workshop.
Fakhrul Islam Majumdar Shakil, print studio coordinator and Sultana Rokeya Parveen, director of Safiuddin Shilpalay take care of this workshop throughout the day. They said that the distribution of certificates and the photo exhibition of this workshop were held on Wednesday afternoon.

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