Words and songs are one

Words and songs are one

Maulana Mizanur Rahman Azhari was seen singing Sylhet regional song “Amra Hakkal Silodi” along with “Perer Pata Perrin Zamin-Ghar Banaiya Ami Rai”, “Age Ki Sundar Din Kataitam”, “Ami Ekta Zinda Lash-Katis Na Re Janglar Bansh”.

A religious preacher named Qari Amanullah Siddiqui is heard saying: “Madhu hoi hoi anre bish hawaila”, “Bandhu tor laiga re-amar tanu gyorbho gyorb”, “Singing Khawaja Jaeidin”, “Miss Zarina”, “Masharre masharre tui khalimanare”. , was seen singing several Bengali songs such as ‘Swarth Chela Ahabade Horta Amar Ma’, ‘Ami Toh Sei Ghel Malik Nai’ as well as ‘Kyuki Tumhi To’, ‘Kitne Peyari Akhi’ and several Hindi songs.

Nazmul Islam Mojahedi, who is not a well-known speaker, also spoke on different evenings such as “Majhi Baiya Jaure”, “Jivan Jauban Saipa Diya-Galisa Baba Man Pailam”, “Give a point of love – I will give sindu heart’, ‘And how long will you think of me? -Dukher Sari Gaiya’ was seen singing the songs.

Various videos have been made of these songs by religious speakers, which have spread on social networks.

There have also been criticisms for introducing music into the waj, which Taheri responded to in a mahfil.

According to him, “Let’s sing a little song to make young people discuss the song at the party”. Guy is basically a league to make young WAZ fans. I only sing two minutes in two hours. The rest of the time, I pray.”

waz song too

As songs arrive in Waze, songs are also created with the words used in Waze, which are also discussed on social media.

Youtuber Pratya Hiran made a song by combining Ghiyas Uddin Taheri’s line ‘Bosen Bossen-Boisa Jaan’ and zikir melody with some viral dialogues. His “Azaira Limited” accompanies this song. The song has 3.7 million views on “The Azaira Limited” YouTube channel.

A DJ version music video of Taheri’s song “Dayal Tor Laiga Re” with hip hop music was uploaded on YouTube by a YouTube channel named DH Kabir Khan. The “views” of the video uploaded two years ago are around 26 crores.

DJ Hasan released a DJ version of Taheri’s song “Agi Tor Laiga Re” on YouTube, which received 62 million views in two years.

The DJ version of this speaker’s song “Tomra ki Mandhaiba Amar Antar Puira Koyla” has also been viewed more than a crore times on YouTube.

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