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Work begins on seven new films – Deepzol

Work begins on seven new films – Deepzol

Famous movie lord Manowar Hossain Dipjal has started production of 7 new movies. He has already completed the production of 6 films and started the process of their release. The movie release process will start from this month. The production and distribution company Anupam Music is responsible for their release and interpretation. Dipzol took over 7 new film production projects to maintain the continuity of film production on the eve of the release of the films. The construction of two of them will begin at the end of November. In this regard, Dipzol said that the process of releasing my 6 films has been completed. A film will be released each month. So that the public would not be deprived of watching new films, it was decided to release one film after another. We can say that this is a project to protect continuity. After these movies are released, new movies will be ready. Its work will begin in the next month and a half. He said there was no alternative to making and releasing new movies to keep the movie industry alive. I continue this work from my position. He said that each of the films that will be released has a rich history. They are made in such a way that audiences want to see the genre of history movies. Thanks to my long experience, I can understand the state of mind of the public. We make movies by understanding what kind of movies they like. Hope the audience won’t be disappointed after watching the movies. He said, I think the public expects something different from Dipzol. In the air, I made films with these different things. In new films being made, audiences will also get something different. The process of building two out of 7 has already been completed. The filming of the films will start from Cox’s Bazar. And I choose winter time for the shooting. Benefits are available by working at this time. The weather’s nice. Can work continuously. Hopefully we can finish production on the new movies in the next six to seven months. All films will be directed by Montazur Rahman Akbar. And among the artists, the newcomers will prevail. He said that to save the movie industry, just like a movie is needed, new artists are also needed. Then the audience will see something new.

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