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Work first, marriage can come later: Nusrat Faria

Work first, marriage can come later: Nusrat Faria

Nusrat Faria. Actress, model and presenter. His new movie “Bhoy” was released yesterday on India’s OTT platform G-5. Other than that, the actress has several movies on her hands. It is also busy with live performances. Told him about new movies and other topics.

There is a lot of noise. On the show…

Yes, came to a university function in Gulshan. Now is the “stage show” season, due to which some sort of show must be performed almost every day.

Yesterday your new movie ‘Bhoy’ was released. What is the story of the movie?

This film shows how we lose the courage to fight to keep the fear in our chest. The story of not compromising between work and ideals is also shown. Meanwhile, many who have seen the film have given positive feedback. Directed by Raja Chander, my co-star Ankush Hazra is in this movie. I have already played with him.

How was the experience of working in film?

I started working on this film before Corona. At that time, I did it very hard. I remember, when I was working on this film, it was Eid al-Adha. But on Eid day, we also shot in an area of ​​West Bengal. In fact, there are many stories and memories of sacrifice behind any work. But at the end of the day, when I see the result, I forget all the hardships and all the sacrifices.

What about the film in hand?

A few days ago I finished the work of ‘Bivah Abhiyan-2’ by Soumik Halder and ‘Rockstar’ by Angshuman Pratyush. Apart from that, I am currently working on the film ‘Football 71’ by Anam Biswas. ‘Mujib: Shaper of a Nation’ based on the life of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is awaiting release. It is directed by veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal. Apart from that, I heard that Noor Imran Mithu’s ‘Patalghar’ will be released this year.

About the actress Faria. Now let’s talk about singer Faria. I started working on a new song…

I started working on a new song immediately after releasing a song. The title of the song is not yet decided. But I will start working on the music video for the song very soon. I want to release the song on Eid day. Because the song has all the ingredients for joy and excitement.

Thinking about marriage…

I’m always honest about everything. There is no hiding place. I talked about love, I also told the news of the engagement. So why be a secret about marriage? The wedding will take place, but it’s a matter of time. Lots of work to do. So if I work first, the wedding can be done later.

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