Working with Moushumi Apu is a huge achievement: Adhara


Working with Moushumi Apu is a huge achievement: Adhara

The film “Border” directed by Saikat Nasir, starring actress of this generation Adhara Khan, was due to be released this month. But the film is stalled for now. But Adhara had the chance to star in a movie with Priyadarshini Moushumi. She had the chance to play Moushumi’s younger sister in “Nayak” by Ispahani Arif Jahan.

Moushumi said while filming about Adhara – It is very important for new artists who know how to act to come to the film. Beginners come to work in films with a lot of dreams and hopes. It’s always my best wish that beginners have the chance to walk beautifully. Adhar’s rituals and behavior are quite sophisticated. He has a wonderful artistic spirit, love for art, dedication and focus to work patiently. If he works patiently, he can go far.

Adhra Khan considers being able to work with Moushumi one of the achievements of her acting career. He said, I am not qualified to say anything about Moushumi Apu. I’m no one to talk about him. Even though she played the role of my older sister in the movie Nayak, I always felt like she was my real older sister while working. He loves me so much, adores me which is comparable to nothing. I am grateful to Isfahani Arif Jahan sir for giving me such a great opportunity. The movie ‘Nayak’ was released in March 2018.

Meanwhile, Moushumi headliners ‘Sonarchar’ directed by Zahid Hossain, ‘Deshantar’ directed by Ashutosh Sujan and ‘Bhangan’ directed by Sakhawat Hossain are awaiting release.

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