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Worship excited, Shakib Khan sat down!


Worship excited, Shakib Khan sat down!

The discussion is not blocked between Bubli-Vir-Shakib Khan. On the contrary, the name of Pooja Cheri, another rising Dhallywood actress, also pops up in various ways. Because Shakib-Pooja has lifted the veils of a romantic relationship based on the ‘Galui’ floating in the air!

The launch of Bubli-Shakib’s “Veer” gave impetus to this movement. News is coming in, basically Shakib-Pooja’s screen chemistry is flowing in reality too. It’s not, added to that Shakib Khan’s plans to move to America for a year and recently the excitement of Pooja Cheri getting a visa to the same country. It has been rumored that Shakib-Pooja will be on stage at the ‘Dhollywood Film and Music Awards’ to be held in New York.

And Veer-Mata Bubli could not accept these things from behind. That’s why he became explosive. However, even after Shakib-Bubli returned to filming, the development of their relationship has not yet occurred. Two days before the shooting of the romantic song! According to the source of the unit “Leader – I am Bangladesh”.

Shakib-Shibir received new news about the development of the relationship between the two. It is known that Shakib-Pooja was supposed to leave Dhaka together for the “Dhalywood Film and Music Awards” tour, but it has been canceled for now. Chakib is not going. The hero sat down. Again, the news broke on a day when Pooja Cheri publicly expressed her excitement about getting a US visa on social media.

On Sunday afternoon, October 2, the actress posted a photo of her visa receipt on Facebook and wrote, “Finally got it!”

Pooja is known to have obtained an American visa from the American Embassy in Dhaka to travel to the United States on September 28. This is the first visa to the country for the young actress. On the other hand, King Khan has a foothold in this country.

Meanwhile, faced with the excitement of Puja, Shakib Khan spread a lot of disappointment. According to sources close to him, Shakib Khan was supposed to fly back to the United States in October, but that is no longer happening. Changed the decision. We know that the United States is not going there, on the contrary, they will soon announce several new films to change the current trend. As stated after the Apu-Joy incident!

However, as usual, no direct comment was received from Bir-Babar. Although the decision to cancel the trip to America is final, multiple sources said. Meanwhile, Pooja has kept her mouth shut on these matters. Not only that, the actress also deleted the post photo of getting a US visa due to media pain. The proverb has proved that – who is in the house of Tagore…

Although Shakib Khan did not go to the United States, besides Pooja, Tahsan, Chanchal Chowdhury, Eamon, Faria Shahreen, Muhammad Mustafa Kamal Raj, Mehjabeen, Tasnia Farin, Tanzin Tisha, Ziaul Haque Palash and others go from Dhaka to United States. on October 13 to participate in this great awards ceremony in New York.

The event will take place on October 16 in Queens, New York. Shakib Khan in New York recently

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