Xiaomi USB Docking Station Has Amazing Features


Xiaomi USB Docking Station Has Amazing Features

Although Xiaomi is known as a smartphone maker, they sell other types of tech products in the market. Recently, they launched the Type-C docking station in the market. There are total 5 ports in this station. Support PD 3.0 protocol.

Tech giant Xiaomi has also unveiled an impressive 67W fast charger. The docking station is priced at 149 yuan, or just $20. The body of the docking station is made of aluminum.

The device made by Xiaomi is very interesting to look at. There is a hidden war storage location. Three of the ports support USB 3.0 interface. Slots for other external device ports are also provided, including an HDMI port.

You can charge laptop battery with this first USB port charging function. The USB port of the device is capable of transferring data at a speed of 450 megabytes per second.

The docking station made by Xiaomi will support Windows, Android, Mac and Linux operating systems. On the other hand, the 67 watt charger released by Xiaomi has two ports.

The charger has USB A and USB C ports. Both ports will benefit from 67W fast charging. However, if you use both ports at the same time, you will get up to 65W fast charging.

This charger will support any mobile phone including Huawei, Oppo. Xiaomi’s 67-watt dual-port charger retails for just $20. It costs 1700 Indian rupees and 2000 rupees.

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