You are thinking of buying a Royal Enfield, these 5 reasons but maybe later

You are thinking of buying a Royal Enfield, these 5 reasons but maybe later

When 350cc motorcycles are mentioned in India, the name Royal Enfield is taken first. From Honda to Jawa trying to be number one in this segment, but customers are buying Royal Enfield bikes the most. If you are also planning to buy a Royal Enfield bike, wait a little longer. Here we tell you 5 faults found in the bikes of this company, which could make you change your mind.

huge prize

Although the prices of all motorcycles in the market have increased, the price of Royal Enfield bikes is much higher. You will get the company’s cheapest bike for Rs 1.5 lakh. If you opt for Classic, Himanlayn or Meteor, it will cost you Rs 2 to 2.50 lakh. With this money you can buy three Splendor Plus.

Lack of features

Royal Enfield bikes may cost more, but they don’t come with this level of features. On Royal Enfield Bullet or Classic Buick you will not see the LED lights. Features such as digital speedometer or digital clock are not offered. Having to take the triple navigation function separately is also a major drawback.

heavy in weight

The third major drawback of Royal Enfield bikes is that they are quite heavy. Usually, the weight of this bike ranges from 190 to 195 kg. Some people may find it difficult to control these bikes in city traffic. The saddle height of this bike can also be difficult for short people.


While some bikes present in the Indian market offer mileage of 80 kmpl to 100 kmpl. In such a situation, the Royal Enfield bike can give a mileage of 30-35 kmpl. That is, in some ways the mileage of Royal Enfield bikes is similar to that of hatchbacks.

Cost of services

It takes a lot of money to buy a Royal Enfield bike. Moreover, it will cost you more to maintain than other bikes. After the free service is completed, maintaining these bikes will cost you around Rs 3000 to 5000 each time.

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