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You can come back if you want, proved the point

You can come back if you want, proved the point

You can come back again and again if you want. Afsan Ara Bindu, the once famous model actress, gave proof of this. He likes to follow the familiar path. That’s why he found himself in front of the camera after eight long years. His sudden return brought something new. Act now in a new movie. Readers already know that the name of the movie starring Bindu is “Nine 20”. Suhasini broke the rift with this film from small-screen star creator Mizanur Rahman Aryan. When the mercury in her career chart was at its peak, Bindu got married and left showbiz to become a householder. He has not been seen in any media event. Sarab was also not active on social media.

It can be said that he suddenly stood in front of the camera in a very short time. He came on camera after many years. how do you feel Laughing at the response, he said, “I know this world of entertainment. mine So you can come to your place at any time. It’s true, there was a long pause between the actors. Overwhelmed by the love I received from the creators, artists, crew after coming to shoot. Meet many former colleagues. Many journalists have asked me about my film experience. I don’t want to talk about the content story now. I will give details only after the completion of the film. I can say only one thing, a new point will appear in front of you.

Bindu’s co-star Arifin Shubo in the movie “Nine 20”. Both played for the first time in the film “Jago” by Khizir Hayat Khan. After that, they acted in many dramas and TV movies. Arifin Shuvo said about Bindu, “In a word, Bindu is a great actress. It has stood the test of time. I have worked with him a lot in my career. After a long break, I’m working on Bindu again. Talk at work. It doesn’t look like we’ve been working together for long. I do the job with great effort. Hopefully our chemistry will be in the new movie.

Bindu has been preparing for a year to star in a new movie. Regularly visited a fitness center in the capital. Bindu is preparing as a preparation to return to the theater – many people were saying that. Then the actress completely dismissed the possibility. Bindu keeps his distance from the media to keep the matter a secret. He avoided working in films. He wasn’t sure if Bindu would start playing again. He did not appear in any social events. Bindu finally announced his return to the game at the end of the year. The 90-minute film, which is made for the OTT platform, is set to release on Valentine’s Day.

Act regularly? Bindu keeps a certain mystery in such a question. He said, “I want to satisfy my heart’s thirst by doing. I stayed away from the light action world because I wasn’t getting that kind of story and characters. Audiences want to see something good on screen. Because, at the end of the day, they expect good performance from Bindu. They’re still looking for me after all these years because they love me. And if I will be regular, it will depend on the weather.

In 2006, Bindu was the first runner-up in the Lux-Channel Eye Superstar competition.

After winning the beauty pageant crown, she caught everyone’s attention. He performed perfectly in the movie “Daruchinidwip” written by Humayun Ahmed and directed by Tauqeer Ahmed. There was no turning back. After that, she was seen in PA Kajol’s ‘Pirit Agun Jwale Jabana’ and Khizir Hayat Khan’s ‘Jaago’ and Sohail Armaan’s ‘Aeito Prem’. During her acting career, Bindu has acted in many dramas and TV movies and some popular movies. So once again he will be busy in the media – that is the hope of his fans.

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