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“You shouldn’t get into comedy just for the money and the fame”


“You shouldn’t get into comedy just for the money and the fame”

Pankaj Tripathi is one of the finest actors in Hindi cinema. He came from zero to the pinnacle of success. His impeccable performances in contents like “Mirzapur”, “Ludo”, “Kagaz” or “Criminal Justice” have marked the hearts of viewers and critics.

Coming from a remote village in Bihar, reaching industries like Bollywood and establishing a distinct position for himself, Pankaj Tripathi’s career is undoubtedly an inspiration to others. This actor has always shared his existence and his roots with pride.

This time, Pankaj Tripathi talked about his career in simple terms even after appearing at the 53rd International Film Festival of India. He thinks he came this far because of his love and passion for acting. Don’t get into acting just for the money and the fame.

Pankaj comments: “I come from a very simple family. Coming from a village where we fought for a minimum of fundamental rights, we were happy. Before, I lived far from the theater world and now my whole life revolves around the theater. I used to watch plays when I lived in the village, that’s when my interest in performing started. I then moved to Delhi and joined the National School of Drama. Ever since I moved to Mumbai, the city of dreams, I have been trying to learn the craft of filmmaking and showcase my skills. This trip is bigger than a dream for me.

Pankaj Tripathi believes that he was able to reach his position thanks to the strength of his roots. He said: “You must not forget your roots. If you forget your roots, it becomes difficult to survive. Whether it’s a person, a story, or a tree, everything in the world has roots. Whatever I am today is thanks to my roots.

Pankaj Tripathi Pankaj believes, “You shouldn’t enter the acting profession just for the money and the fame. First, understand why you want to come here. If you work with your heart, you will definitely earn money in life.

Pankaj Tripathi also said that his first check in his acting life was Rs 1,700. It was for an advertisement.

Source: Times of India

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