Your new movie is coming


Your new movie is coming

The work of model and actress Tama Mirza has increased. Recently he starred in web content. They are appreciated again. Between the bustle of these works, there is also the bustle of mainstream cinema.

His pre-coronavirus film titled “From Bangladesh” is in the process of being released.

Directed by Shahnewaz Kakli, the technical part of this film is in progress. It is expected to hit theaters this year. Tama played a pivotal role in the film.

As for acting in it, he said, I had acted in a movie named Nadijan earlier under the direction of Kakali Appar. He won the National Film Award for his performance in this film. This film is also made with a very important story. Its story is based on an issue during the Liberation War. Kakali Apa always makes great films. I hope it will also be a clean film. I am optimistic about its success.

In the meantime, the actress has signed two films to produce for the OTT platform. The filming of these will begin shortly.

Apart from this, Tama Mirza started acting in two movies named “Kathgaray Saratchandra” and “Sin Story”. These two are under construction. At the same time, he regularly works in modeling. Besides acting, Tama has also established a production company. It is planned to make a play out of it.

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